Joseph "Tyler" Rhea
Apr. 12, 2002 - Nov. 21, 2003

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Hey little Cowboy it's now seven years that you went to be with Jesus and it seems like only yesterday you were setting in my lap laughing and playing. We think about you very day and miss you so much. Christmas time is just a few weeks away and we are going to have the best Christmas we have had in a long time. But it would be even better if you were here to enjoy it with us...
Love always,


Happy Birthday cowboy. Today you would have been 8 years old. We miss you so much. There isn't a day that goes by that your Nana and I don't think about you. We don't know why God took you at such a young age but one day we all will be together.
Love you, Papaw


Happy Birthday and Happy Easter "Little Cowboy"

You would be 7 years old and hunting Easter eggs with us all but you are in Heaven spending Easter with Jesus. That would be the best place to spend this day and really everyday. But we miss you and wish God would have let you stick around here on Earth so we could hold you and watch you grow up to be a great young man. We Love and Miss You So Much......Papaw 


Five years seems likes five minutes. But the short time you were with us is a life time in my heart. I can't smell you any more, even your old shirt has lost your sent. If I could get one thing through the people that take their kids, grand kids, loved ones for granted is that they better enjoy each day they have left with them you never know when they well be gone.

Love you


Well my little Angel it is so hard to believe that it has been 5 years today that we lost you. There is never a day that goes by that I don't think of you and wish I could hold you and give you kisses, it breaks my heart you are not here with us. You are missed more than you will ever know by so many. The only thing that settles our minds/hearts is that we know that you are in the greatest place you can be with Jesus and there is no other place better unless it was here with your family. You are your cousins and your brothers Guardian Angel. Love you so very much and miss you more than you will ever know.

All my Love and Prayers  Nana


This wound will never go away. It is still fresh and oozing from my soul. The loss of Tyler can never be fixed or take back. I will live with this burden for the rest of our lives. It has been 5 years since I lost my angel. He is still with me in my heart.

TJ  (Daddy)


Today Tyler has been 5 long years since I last saw you! I can't believe this much time has already passed.... I still think about you all the time whether its talking to your Daddy, driving by your old house, or you just popping into my head! I miss you so much and wish I could hold you again! I can't wait to see you again!!!!!
Love Courtney


Son it is crazy to think that you would be 5 years old today. If you were still alive you would be going to Kindergarten in the fall as well. Your Mommy and myself miss you tremendously and hope you are happy where ever you may be? I know you are still in our hearts! Love you dearly.


This year sure has gone by fast. Happy 7th. Birthday Tyler. Every year that goes by I find it harder to write things to you. I know you all ready know everything that happened this year and it's like if I put it up on this site for everyone else to read then they know what has been happing here and I really have a problem with that. So I miss you and wish you were here so you could seat in my lap with your three cousins. Better yet you could help watch over them in the backyard to give my lap a rest.
Oh how Nana and I miss you. We love you just as if you were here.
Again seven years and it's like yesterday when you were running around.
Bye for now, See you in my dreams. 
Love, Papaw

November 21, 2007
It has been 4 long years since I last saw you smile, heard you laugh, or cry. I haven't held you in so long, but the feeling has not slipped my memory. If I think about it, I can still smell you, feel your soft skin and remember exactly what you sweet voice sounds like and hear your cry.

I love you dearly and miss you more than these mere words can say. I hope that you are watching over all of us from heaven with a smile on your face! I love you and miss you so dearly!

November 21, 2007

Tyler it's been four long years that you went to be with Jesus. We think about you every day not just this time of the year. But this time of the year is all ways harder then the rest because it's when you went home and we know to a better place. You are still my Little Cowboy, that well never change. God has blessed us with three Grandchildren the past three years and I can picture you in the floor with them as they play.
We love you and miss you very much. Papaw

November 21, 2007
Tyler, I can't believe it has been 4 long years. Tyler I am sorry it took so ling for mommy to grieve. I guess I could not accept that you were really gone forever. For 3 and a half years I lied to myself and made myself believe that you were just on a long trip to Nana and papaw's Sometimes I still hear you and pretty often your scent magically arrives from no where. Baby, I love you so much, I can't explain how lost I feel. But, I know way up there in heaven, you have all you will ever need and someday soon we will all be together Me, You, Daddy, Meanie, Nana, and Papaw. That's how it works, everybody has a time. I love you so much Monkey man and I will be sure to send you your toy cars by balloon tonight, Just like every year. I love You Always!

April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Cowboy. Today you would have been 5 years old. Oh how we miss you and the things we would have done together. DJ wanted to go with us to visit you and even though he never met you he knows a lot about you. DJ just had his 3rd Birthday a couple of weeks ago and he is so smart, some times to smart. He call's your Dad his "best buddy".

We know you are happy and Jesus is your best buddy. We well see you again one day and have a big home coming. Love and missing you, Nana and Papaw.

March 27, 2007

To the family, I was browsing on the web when I came across Tyler's page and I thank you dearly! I have a six year old son and a 12 month old and by reading your grandson's page, it made me "appreciate" how precious life is again. Sometimes I get so boggled down and stressed, that I forget the little things...especially how precious the time that we have today is so important. I send love to your family and continue to stay Strong, for the day when you will reunited, will be a blessing indeed. God Bless you and I wish Tyler an early Happy Birthday on the 12th. Love to you and your family once again.

Victoria Swift

November 21, 2006
This message is left for Terry.  Terry, my heart goes out to you and your family.  I am thinking of you as always, and I hug my son extra tight when I think of your loss.  I love you as a friend, God bless you always!
Ann Edmondson

November 21, 2006
Hey My Little Cowboy. Here we are with another year gone by. That's four long years without the Light of our life.
Nana and I went and cleaned up around your head stone, just a few leaves and we washed off the dirt on the head stone. Your picture that is on the stone still look's good. I thought the weather and sun would have gotten to it by now.
We have two new Grand Children on the way. Your Uncle Jeffery well have a little girl any day now and Your Aunt Amy let us know that her and Brad would be parents again some time June 2007 (Could be on 07/07/2007) wouldn't that be something? I guess they could name it Seven.
You Dad is doing good. Of course he thinks about you every day. But he is doing his best and we are very proud of him Wish he didn't live so far away, but as long as he is happy then we are happy.
David is doing Great. You two guy's would have been best friends. Some times when DJ is jumping and climbing all over the place, it reminds me of how you did the same thing. Like climbing on top of your big car and the car noises he makes is the same as the way you made the sound of a race care "crash and burn."
We all miss you so very, very much, but God has had you for 1,095 day's, 5 hr., 6 min and 23 sec. at the time of this posting. And I'm sure He isn't going to give you up.
We love you Big Boy and we tell David about you a lot.
Your "cake buddy" Papaw



September 24, 2006
My sweet Cowboy,
 Nina and I went buy to visit you this past weekend. We had to clean up around there but nothing is to good for you. I'm starting to forget your smell and that worries me. I have a few things of yours that I keep in a sealed bag but your sent has gone. But my memories of you are still so fresh it's like yesterday you were climbing on top of your car and standing on the roof, like the NASCAR drivers do after they won a race. I bring up the smell because I know I smelled you when I was editing a DVD of you for your Dad. It filled my heart and soul with the warmest feeling and after it left I was so much in peace that I never noticed the pain I'm in every day.
Thank you for reminding me that you are still with us and that you do stop in every now and then. I just wished it was for ever but nothing is for ever, except God's pure love.
I love and miss you like so many.

September 7, 2006

I miss you with all my heart! I wish that you were here today, life would be such better place! I love you.


Tyler, It's like it was yesterday that you were running up and jumping on my lap and giving me that big smile and hug while saying "Papaw". But it's been too long now when I come to the realism that you have been gone from us for a long time but, I still feel your heart and I thank God that he blessed Amy and Brad with David. He reminds me so much of you that it gives me comfort in knowing that you are ok in God's hand's.
April 12th. is coming up and you would be 4 years old. I wish like everyone else that knew you that you were here with us to watch you blow out those 4 candles and watch as you open each and everyone of your presents. But, just as the past birthdays we can only thank God once again for sharing you with us for such a short time.
Happy Birthday "My Little Cowboy" My love is with you.......

My little Angel. It is so hard to believe that you would be 4 yrs old today. Oh how we miss you and wish everyday that you were here with us but we know that you are in a happy place with God. You are our little Angel and we tell David everyday that you are his special Angel watching over him. We watched our video the other day of your 1st birthday and how you were just not to happy that day you just wanted to be left alone but later in the day you played and played with your toys. It gets harder and harder as each birthday goes by and we don't get to spend them with you but are very THANKFUL for the time that God did allow us to have you. You are my special Angel and will always have a special place in my heart always and forever. I Love you and Miss you. Happy Birthday My Precious Angel.  Nana

Tylers Fourth Birthday-April 12th 2006
Tyler Baby, you would be four years old today. I Love You so Very much, and even though I know you are in a better place, I still can't help but wish that you could be here with all of the people who Love You so very much. Today should be cake, ice cream, and surprises for you sweetheart, and smiles, and happiness, and contentment for the ones who love you. There aren't enough words to describe the crushing sadness I feel instead. I would give anything just to see your face Tyler.......................
Even though it has been so long since I have seen you, or held you, it seems like yesterday, when you reached for me to hold you for the very first time. I sometimes sit, and all the images of your life come flooding in on me, and I see the look of sheer joy on your face when you are playing. I see the look of Accomplishment in your eyes that you had when you managed to climb up and sit squarely in the middle of the dishwasher door, when you caught it open. I can still see the look of pride you had, as you sat there with the nintendo controller playing your little heart out (you thought), as if you were a big boy like Tucker. I see the thrill on your face when you realized that when you threw the big red ball at the wall, it would bounce back to you, and you could catch it. I can still clearly see you wrinkle your nose up and snuffle through it, just to make me laugh at you.  I can still see you reach for me in the hospital, when I took you, and held you close, and you laid your head on my chest, while I stroked your hair, that Monday, when you were so sick. Tyler, I would give anything to be able to hold you today, and whisper in your ear, "Happy Birthday Little Buddy, I Love You more than Anything in the Whole Wide World".~Debra Hart {Tyler's Grandmother}





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